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ham[Pārsī& Pehl. ham; Zend ham; S. सम् ], adv. & conj. Also, even, likewise, as well, as, same, similar, equal; in the same manner, equally;—together, with; both; one another, other, mutual, mutually;—whether, either;—(in comp.) fellow, co-:—ham-āgosh, adj. Embracing; locked in each other's arms:—ham-āgoshī, s.f. Mutual embracing; embrace:—ham-āwāz, adj. & s.m. Singing in tune or in unison with (another); speaking in the same tone of voice; of the same tone or voice or note; harmonious; in unison or harmony (with, -se), consonant (with); at one (with); agreeing together;—a comrade, companion:—ham-āwāzī, s.f. Harmony, concord, accordance, etc.:—ham-āhang, adj. In accord or tune; agreeing, harmonious, concordant, of the same inclination:—ham-āhangī, s.f. Agreement, harmony, concord:—ham-bazm, adj. & s.m. Of the same society; associating together;—a convivial companion; one who sits with others at a feast:—ham-bistar, adj. & s.m.f. Sleeping together, lying on the same bed;—a bedfellow:—ham-bistarī, s.f. The sleeping together; cohabitation:—ham-pā, s.m. A companion; an attendant;—a protector:—hampāya, adj. & s.m. Of equal dignity and rank; equal;—an equal; a colleague:—ham-palla, adj. & s.m. Of the same scale; of equal weight;—balanced; equally matched;—equidistant;—an equal; a match; a partisan, etc. (see next):—ham-pahlū, adj. & s.m. Equal (in rank or dignity);—collateral; side by side;—an equal, a peer; a partner, spouse:—ham-piyāla, adj. & s.m. 'Of one cup'; intimate;—a pot-companion; chum:—ham-piyāla o ham-nawāla, s.m. 'One cup one morsel'; a very intimate friend, bosom friend:—ham-pesha, adj. Of the same craft; of the same profession or calling; similar in practice:—ham-tarāzū, adj. Of equal weight, etc. (i.q. ham-palla; ham-wazn):—ham-ta`līm, s.m. A fellow-student, a school-fellow:—hamjalīs, and ham-jamb, vulg. ham-jam, adj. & s.m. Sitting together;—an intimate, a friend, a constant companion:—ham-jamā`at, adj. & s.m. Of the same party, or class, or body;—one of the same party, etc.;—a class-fellow (i.q. ham-sabaq):—ham-jins, adj. & s.m. Of the same nature or kind or species; consubstantial; homogeneous; congenial;—one of the same class or kind;—a fellow-creature:—ham-jinsī, s.f. The being of the same nature or species or class; consubstantiality; homogeneousness; relationship:—ham-jawār, adj. & s.m. Of the same neighbourhood;—a neighbour; a townsman:—ham-jolī, s.m.f. An equal, peer, coeval; a friend or companion of the same age as oneself; a playmate:—ham-ćashm, s.m. An equal, a coequal, a fellow, etc. (i.q. ham-sar, q.v.):—ham-ćashmī, s.f. Equality; rivalry:—ham-ćashmīkarnā(-seor ke-sāth), To vie (with), to contend:—ham-ḵẖānagī, s.f. The residing together or in the same house, cohabitation:—ham-ḵẖāna, adj. & s.m.f. Residing together, living in the same house;—a fellow-lodger; an inmate; a companion, partner, comrade, chum;—a spouse, husband, wife:—ham-ḵẖẉāba, or ham-ḵẖẉāb, s.m.f. Bedfellow; a spouse:—ham-ḵẖẉud, adj. & adv. The very same, the self-same:—ham-dāstān, adj. & s.m. Of the same advice;—telling the same story;—an intimate friend, an inseparable companion:—ham-dām, adj. In the same net:—ham-dabistān, s.m. A school-fellow:—hamdard, adj. & s.m. Sympathetic; tenderhearted;—a partner in sorrow or adversity; a fellow-sufferer; a condoler:—ham-dardī, s.f. Fellow-feeling; sympathy; condolence:—hamdast, adj. & s.m. Of equal strength, or power, or rank, or greatness;—in hand;—an equal; a partner, companion, an associate, an accomplice;—one who sits or converses with (another):—ham-dast karnā, v.t. To get possession or hold (of); to get, obtain, procure:—ham-dast honā, v.n. To be got, or found, or procured:—ham-digar, adj. & adv. Mutual, reciprocal;—together; one with another:—ham-dil, adj. & s.m. Of the same mind, or opinion, or inclination; unanimous; sympathetic; loving;—a cordial friend:—hamdilī, s.f. Unanimity; sympathy:—ham-dam, s.m. (lit.'breathing together'), An intimate companion, a bosom friend, a familiar; a spouse:—ham-damī, s.f. Intimate friendship, familiarity:—ham-dosh, adj. & s.m. Shoulder to shoulder; close together; equal; like;—an equal; a companion:—ham-doshī, s.f. The being shoulder to shoulder; equality:—ham-dīgar, adv. Each other; both; together (see hamdigar):—ham-ẕāt, adj. Of the same class or nature or kind; consubstantial; co-existent:—ham-rāz, adj. & s.m. Knowing each other's secrets;—a confidant, an intimate friend; a spouse, wife;—a conspirator:—ham-rāh, or ham-rah, s.m. A fellow-traveller;—adv. With, along with, together:—ham-rāhī, s.f. Fellowtravelling, society on the road, companionship, company;—s.m.f. Fellow-traveller; companion, comrade:—hamrāhiyān-ě-lashkar, s.m.f. Camp-followers:—ham-rutba, adj.=ham-pāya, q.v.:—ham-rikāb, s.m. A stirrup-fellow, one who rides alongside of another; an attendant; a fellow-traveller:—ham-zād, adj. & s.m. & f. Born together, connate, congenital; twin; of equal age;—a twin; a contemporary; a playfellow;—a jinn, or familiar spirit, said to be produced at the moment of the birth of every child, and to accompany him through life (syn. dūjā):—ham-zānū, adj. & s.m. & f. Sitting together; knee to knee; living together;—a companion, an associate:—ham-zānū`ī, s.f. Close intimacy:—ham-zabān, adj. Of the same language or tongue; conversing together; expressing the same opinion; unanimous:—ham-zulf, s.m. A wife's sister's husband (syn. sāṛhū):—ham-zamāṅ, or ham-zamāna, adj. & s.m. Cotemporary:—ham-zamzama, s.m. Fellow-singer;—companion:—ham-sāz, adj. & s.m. Accordant, unanimous, friendly;—a friend; correspondent; confederate:—ham-sāyagī, vulg. ham-sā`egī, s.f. Neighbourhood; the being a neighbour; neighbourliness:—ham-sāya, adj. & s.m. 'Under the same shade,' neighbouring;—a neighbour (P. pl. ham-sāyagān):—ham-sabaq, s.m. Class-fellow; school-fellow (i.q. hamjamā`at; ham-ta`līm):—ham-sar, adj. & s.m. & f. 'Of the same head,' equal in height, or age, or rank, etc.; of the same dignity or authority;—an equal, a peer;—a rival;—a companion, an associate, a comrade;—a consort, spouse:—ham-sar-ḥad, adj. Of the same boundary; having adjoining boundaries:—ham-sarī, s.f. Equality; evenness; equalling, matching;—rivalry:—ham-sarī-kāda`wākarnā, To lay claim to equality:—ham-sarīkarnā, To contend, to vie (with); to rival:—ham-safar, s.m. Fellow-traveller:—ham-sufra, adj. & s.m. Sitting at the same table, messing together:—a messmate, fellow-commoner;—a convivial companion:—ham-sin, adj. & s.m.f. Of equal age (i.q. ham-`umr);—a play-fellow:—hamsang, adj. Of the same weight; of the same dignity or importance; equal:—him-sinnī, s.f. Equality of age:—ham-shakl, adj. Of the same appearance, like, resembling:—ham-shahrī, adj. & s.m. Of the same town;—a townsman, a fellow-citizen:—ham-shīr, adj. & s.m.f. 'Of the same milk'; uterine, foster;—uterine or fosterbrother or sister:—ham-shīra, s.f. A sister:—ham-shīra-zād, s.m. Sister's son, nephew:—ham-ṣǒḥbat, adj. & s.m. Of the same society; associated;—an associate, a companion:—ham ṣafīr, s.m. Fellow-whistler; fellow-songster; fellow-sufferer:—ham-t̤ālě`, adj. & s.m. Of like or similar fortune;—a comrade:—ham-t̤abaq, s.m. A messmate:—ham-`aṣr, adj. & s.m. Cotemporary (i.q. ham-`ahd; ham-zamāna):—ham-`umr, adj. Of the same age; coeval (i.q. ham-sin):—ham-`ěnān, adj. & s.m. 'With equal reins'; riding alongside of (another);—an equal, a peer; an associate, a companion:—ham-`ěnānī, s.f. Riding together; companionship:—ham-`ahd, adj. & s.m. Coeval, cotemporary;—joined, allied;—adopted (as a brother); united (by friendship);—a cotemporary; an adopted brother;—an intimate friend or companion:—ham-qad, adj. Of equal stature:—ham-qadam, adj. & s.m. Keeping pace with; pari passu;—a companion;—an attendant;—a footman:—hamqasam, adj. Bound by a common oath:—hamqaum, adj. & s.m. Of (or one of) the same tribe or race;—fellow-tribesman:—ham-kār, adj. & s.m. Of the same business or craft;—fellowworkman:—ham-kāsa, s.m. A convivial or potcompanion;—a fellow-commoner:—ham-kasb, adj. Of the same business, trade, or profession:—ham-kufū, adj. Of the same family:—ham-kalām, or ham-suḵẖan, adj. & s.m. Engaged in conversation; conversing together;—a converser;—intercourse:—hamkalām honā(-kā), To converse (with):—hamkalāmī, s.f. Mutual discourse; conversation:—ham-kinār, adj. & s.m. Embracing; locked in each other's arms (i.q. ham-āgosh);—embracer:—ham-kinārī, s.f.=ham-āgoshī, q.v.:—ham-gap, s.m. & f. A gossip:—hammajlis, adj. Of the same assembly or party, etc. (i.q. ham-ṣǒḥbat, q.v.):—ham-maẕhab, adj. & s.m. Of the same religion or creed;—coreligionist:—ham-markaz, adj. Having the same (or a common) centre;—concentric:—hammashrab, adj. & s.m. Of the same temper, disposition, or religion; like-tempered;—a coreligionist:—ham-mashq, s.m. A fellowlabourer:—ham-mashwarat, or ham-maṣlaḥat, adj. & s.m. Of the same counsel; having the same object or end in view; confederated;—a confederate; an accomplice:—ham-ma`nī, adj. Of the same meaning, synonymous:—hammaktab, adj. & s.m. Of the same school;—a school-fellow:—ham-nām, adj. & s.m. Of the same name, cognominal;—a namesake:—hamnidā, adj. Singing in concord or concert:—hamnasl, adj. Of the same breed:—ham-nishīn, adj. & s.m. & f. Sitting, or conversing, with (another);—one who sits or converses with (another);—a companion;—a playmate (syn. ham-jolī):—ham-nafs, s.m. A friend, an intimate companion:—ham-nafas, adj. Consonant (with); in concord, harmonious:—ham-namak, s.m. (lit.'of the same salt'), A messmate:—ham-nawāla, adj. & s.m. Partaking of the same morsel; eating together;—a messmate; a chum (cf. ham-piyāla):—hamnawā`ī, s.m. & f. Fellow-songster, etc. (i.q. ham-ṣafīr):—ham-wazn, adj. Of equal weight; balanced (i.q. ham-palla, q.v.):—ham-wat̤an, adj. & s.m. Of the same country;—a fellowcountryman; compatriot:—ham-wat̤anī, s.f. The being of the same country.
Origin: Persian

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