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kam [Pehl. kem, or kim; Zend kamna], adj. Deficient, less, short; little, small, inconsiderable; abated; scanty;—adv. Rarely, seldom (the term is much used as the first member of compounds, and generally imports the idea of negation, defectiveness, or inferiority):—kam-iḵẖtilāt̤ī, s.f. Littleness of intercourse, slightness of acquaintance:—kam-āzār, adj. Uninjurious, not troublesome, not cruel:—kam-āzārī, s.f. The doing little injury, causing but little trouble:—kam-asbābī, s.f. Deficiency in goods ormaterials; poverty:—kam-aṣl, adj. Of low origin, base-born, lowbred, ignoble, vile, mean:—kam-baḵẖt, adj. & s.m. Of ill fate or fortune, unfortunate, unlucky; miserable; rascally;—unlucky wight; wretch:—kam-baḵẖtī, s.f. Ill-luck, lucklessness, unfortunateness; adversity, misfortune, calamity:—kam-baḵẖtī ānā(-ko), To be overtaken by adversity or misfortune:—kambaḵẖtī-kāmārā, adj. & s.m. (f. -kīmārī), Afflicted; accursed; wretched;—afflicted one, miserable wretch:—kam-bar, s.m.(?), A division of the suits at cards (see s.v. tāj):—kam-biẓā’at, adj. Having little capital or scanty means, poor, indigent:—kam-bag̠al, adj. With few followers or attendants:—kam-besh, or kam-o-besh, adv. More or less:—kam-pā, adj. Of short duration, not lasting or durable; frail, transient:—kam-pā`ī, s.f. Shortness of duration; frailty; instability:—kam-pāya, adj. Of low degree, low, mean:—kam-tawajjuhī, s.f. Inattention, inadvertence, carelessness:—kamtol, adj. Of deficient weight:—kam-tolā, s.m. One who gives short weight:—kam-jur`at, adj. Devoid of courage, cowardly:—kam-ḥarkat, adj. Moving slowly or seldom, indolent, lazy, sluggish:—kam-ḥauṣilagīor ḥauṣlagī, s.f. Poor-spiritedness; illiberality; narrowness:—kam-ḥauṣila, or ḥauṣla, adj. Unaspiring, unambitious, poor-spirited:—kam-ḥais̤īyat, adj. Of small means; of low condition; common; mean, beggarly:—kam-ḵẖarć, adj. Thrifty, economical, parsimonious, close-fisted:—kam-ḵẖarćbālā-nishīn, Of good quality and purchased cheap; at small expense living in good style:—kam-ḵẖarćī, s.f. Economy; parsimony; penury;—kam-ḵẖarćī-meṅ āṭāgīlā, In a state of penury the dough (made) thin (thus necessitating the addition of more flour, and the incurring of greater expenditure); lavish expenditure with little means (see also āṭāgīlā, s.v. āṭā):—kam-ḵẖirad, adj. Of little understanding, unwise, ignorant:—kam-ḵẖẉābī, s.f. Want of sleep, sleeplessness:—kam-ḵẖor, and kam-ḵẖẉurāk or ḵẖorāk, adj. Eating little, abstemious:—kam-ḵẖẉurākī, s.f. Abstemiousness, abstinence:—kam-ẕāt, adj. Of low origin or caste, low-bred (=kam-aṣl):—kam-ẕītī, s.f. Low extraction; baseness:—kam-ẕihn, adj. Of little mental power; without abilities; forgetful:—kam-rāh, adj. Slow, without bottom (a horse):—kam-rasm, adj. Less usual, in little use:—kam-rang, adj. Of a pale or faint colour:—kam-rū, adj. Lacking beauty, plain; ill-favoured, ugly;—timid, cowardly; despicable:—kam-rau, adj. Slow-paced (a horse):—kam-zabānī, s.f. Rareness of talking; reserve, taciturnity:—kam-zadanīkarnā, To affect extraordinary humility:—kam-zor, adj. Weak, feeble, infirm, powerless; ineffectual;—kam-zor karnā, v.t. To weaken, etc.; to impoverish, to exhaust:—kam-zorī, s.f. Weakness, debility:—kam-ziyād, or kam-oziyād, adv. More or less:—kam-sāl, or kam-sin, adj. Young, of tender years:—kam-sālī, or kamsinnī, s.f. Tender age, youth, minority, nonage:—kam-suḵẖan, adj. & s.m. Speaking little, of few words, reserved, taciturn;—one who says little, a man of few words, a reserved person:—kam sunnā, v.n. To be hard of hearing;—v.t. To pay little heed or attention to:—kam-se kam, adv. At the very least:—kamshān, adj. Of little dignity, humble, mild, affable, unassuming:—kam-sharr, adj. Welldisposed, of good dispositions, good-natured:—kam-sharḥ, s.f. Low rate; low wages;—adv. At a low rate, on moderate terms:—kam-shauq, adj. Having little desire or taste for, indifferent:—kam-t̤ālě, adj. Of little fortune or luck, unfortunate, unlucky:—kam-ẕarf, adj. & s.m. Shallow, of little capacity, stupid, silly, witless; base, ignoble, vile;—a shallow, or a witless fellow; ignoble creature, vile fellow:—kam-ẕarfī, s.f. Want of capacity, shallowness; want of ability or spirit, witlessness; baseness, meanness:—kam-’aql, adj.& s.m. Of feeble understanding or wit, stupid, ignorant, fatuous, foolish;—fatuous one, etc.:—kam-’aqlī, s.f. Feebleness or want of understanding, stupidity, fatuity:—kam-’umr, adj.=kam-sin, q.v.:—kam-’umrī, s.f.=kam-sālīor kam-sinnī, q.v.:—kamfarāg̠ī, s.f. Want of leisure or ease:—kamfurṣatī, s.f. Want of leisure or ease; want of opportunity:—kam-fahm, adj.=kam-’aql, q.v.:—kam-fahmī, s.f.=kam-’aqlī, q.v.:—kamqadr, adj. Worthless; mean, low, common;—kam-qadr honā, v.n. To fall in value or esteem, to deteriorate:—kam-qadrī, s.f. Worthlessness; decline, deterioration, degradation:—kamqadam, adj. Slow-paced:—kam-quwwat, adj. Feeble, weak, powerless:—kam-quwwatī, s.f. Powerlessness, inability:—kam-qīmat, adj. Low-priced, cheap:—kam karnā, v.t. To diminish, lessen, decrease, reduce; to deduct; to relax, remit; to moderate, modify, temper; to contract:—kam-kam, adv. Little by little:—kam-go, adj. & s.m. Offew words, reserved, etc. (=kam-suḵẖan, q.v.):—kam-go`ī, s.f. Taciturnity, reserve:—kam-māyagī, s.f. Scantiness or deficiencyof means or wealth, poverty, indigence; smallness of quantity; scarcity:—kam-māya, adj. Having little capital or wealth, poor, indigent; deficient in quantity, scarce:—kam-meḥnatī, s.f. Littleness of labour; indolence:—kam-naṣīb, adj. Unfortunate, luckless:—kam-naṣībī, s.f. Misfortune, illluck:—kam-naz̤ar, adj. Weak-sighted, dimsighted:—kam-nigāhī, s.f. Inattention, neglect, disregard, coldness:—kam-o-besh, adj. More or less:—kam-wazn, Short of weight:—kam-okāst, s.f. Loss, deficiency:—kam-himmat, adj. Spiritless; daunted; mean-spirited, cowardly:—kam-himmatī, s.f. Want of spirit; meanspiritedness, meanness:—kam hoṅā, v.n. To lessen, diminish, decrease; to abate; to fail, come short; to fall, sink:—kam-yāb, adj. Scarce, rare, uncommon, curious:—kam-yābī, s.f. Scarcity, rarity.
Origin: Persian

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