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राम rāma, vulg. rām, adj. (f. -ā), Pleasing, delighting, pleasant; lovely, beautiful, charming;—s.m. Name of three celebrated mythological personages who are regarded as incarnations of Vishṇu, viz. Paraśu-rām, Rām-ćandra, and Bal-rām (but most commonly applied to Rām-ćandra, q.v. below):—rāmānuj (˚ma+an˚), s.m. Name of a celebrated reformer, author of several Vedānta treatises (he belonged to the sect of the Vaishṇavas, was regarded as an incarnation of Śesh, and flourished in the 12th century in southern India where he combated the Śaivas):—rāmānuj-mat, s.m. The sect of Rāmānuj:—rāmānand (˚ma+ān˚), s.m. Name of a disciple of Rāmānuj and founder of a subdivision of the Vaishṇava sect:—rāmānandī, s.m. A class of Hindūascetics who are followers of Rāmānand; an individual of that class; believers in Rām:—rāmāvatār (˚ma+av˚), s.m. The seventh incarnation of Vishnu (see rām-ćandra):—rāmāyudh (˚ma+āy˚), s.m. 'Rām's weapon,' a bow:—rāmāyan (˚ma+ay˚), s.m. 'Rāma's goings or adventures,' name of the great epic poem of the Hindūs written in Sanskrit by Vālmīki, in which are recorded the exploits and adventures of Rām or Rām-ćandra; a common name of several other poems on the same subject by other authors; (fig.) a long story, a long yarn, any prolix and tedious tale:—rām-baṭā`ī, s.f. A fair and equitable division of a crop between landlord and tenant:—rām-bhajan, s.m. Worship of Rām, hymns of praise addressed to Rām:—rām-bhakt, s.m. (f. -ā), Worshipper of Rām:—rām-pad, s.m. The feet of Rām; the status of Rām; the religion of Rām; the salvation imparted by Rām:—rām-pratāp, s.m. The splendour or glory of Rām:—rām-phal, s.m. The fruit called 'Bullock's heart,' and 'sweet-sop,' Annona reticulata (cf. sītā-phal, 'custard-apple,' from which it differs in having a perfectly smooth rind; it derives its name from the resembiance it bears to a bullock's heart):—rām-tārak, s.m. Name of a mantra (rāmrāmāyanamah) by repeating which emancipation is obtained:—rām-tura`ī, s.f. A kind of vegetable, 'okhra,' 'ladies' fingers,' Abelmoschus esculentus (syn. ḍheṅṛas; bhinḍī):—rām-tulsī, s.f. A large species of basil, Ocymum gratissimum:—rām-ṭunyāṅ, s.m. A small earthen drinking cup (syn.kulhiyā; ćukkaṛ):—rām-ṭek, s.m. 'Rām's hill,' name of a mountain near Nāgpūr (syn. rām-giri):—rām-jas, s.m. Renown of Rām-ćandra:—rām-ćarit, s.m. The exploits or adventures of Rām:—rām-ćarćā, s.f. 'Mention of Rām,' conversation on religious topics; preaching; (local) a phrase used emphatically or expletively in a speech expressing any positive and utter denial:—rām-ćaraṇ, s.m. The (blessed) feet of Rām or Rām-ćandra:—rām-ćandra, vulg. rām-ćandar, s.m. Rāmchandra or Rām, the seventh incarnation of Vishṇu, and the hero of the great epic poem called Rāmāyaṇa (he was the son of Daśarath, a king of the solar dynasty; and is supposed to have reigned in Ayodhya (the modern Awadh) about 1600 B.C. He typifies the conquering Kshatriyas advancing southwards and subjugating the barbarous aborigines represented by the demon Rāvaṇ, and his followers the Rākshasas):—rām-ćerā, s.m. (f. -ī), 'Slave of Rām,' a proper name (particularly that of a slave):—rām-dwārā, s.m. lit. 'Rām's gate,' or the means of access to Rām'; a monastery:—rām-dhāma-dā, s.f. 'The donatrix of the abode of Rām,' an epithet of the river Sarjū(as those who bathe therein are supposed to obtain emancipation):—rām-duhā`ī, rāmdhā`ī, s.f. An asseveration by Rām;—by Rām (I swear); by God:—rām-dhanush, s.m. The rainbow:—rām-rām, s.f. A form of salutation or greeting (common among Hindūs), good morning; compliments, respects (as conveyed in messages, or letters);—slight acquaintance (sufficient only to warrant the exchange of salutations), 'a bowing acquaintance';—a form of invocation;—intj. Good God! good heavens!—rām-rām bhajnā, rām-rām karnā, or rām-rām kahnā, To praise Rām, to invoke or call on Rām, to say, or to exclaim Rām-rām:—rām-rām karo (or bhajo), intj. God forbid! for God's sake say not so!—rām-riććhā(corr. of rām-rakshā), s.f. lit. 'The protection of Rām'; exorcising, incantation:—rām-ras, s.m. Salt:—rām-sar, s.m. A kind of reed; a kind of wood:—rām-singā, s.m. A kind of horn or wind instrument having a deep bass sound:—rāmkānt, s.m. A kind of sugar-cane:—rām-kathā, s.f. The story of the exploits of Rām:—rāmkarī, rām-kalī, s.f.=rām-kelī, q.v.:—rāmkahānī, s.f. The Rāmāyan or story of Rām;—a long story (see rāmāyaṇ):—rām-kī-jī, s.m.f. (colloq.) A simple person:—rām-kīrtti, s.f. The renown of Rām-ćandra:—rām-kelī, s.f. Name of a rāginīor musical mode:—rām-guru, s.m. Rām's guru, i.e. Vaśishṭha:—rām-giri, s.m. Name of a mountain in Bundelkhaṇḍ(called also Kompte, or Ćitrkūṭ);—name of a mountain near Nāgpūr (=rām-ṭek):—rām-līlā, s.f. Name of a Hindūfestival (held during the first ten days of the light fortnight of the month Asin), and of the play performed during that festival, in which the deeds of Rām are represented:—rām-nāmī, adj. Having the name of Rām on it (a ring, cloth, etc.):—rām-navamī, vulg. rāmnaumī, s.f. The ninth day in the light half of the month Ćaitra, being the birthday of Rām-ćandra:—rām-nīlā, s.f. corr. of rām-līlā, q.v.:—rām-yaś, s.m. The renown of Rām-ćandra.

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