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بے बे be[Zend vi; S. िव], priv. particle; prep. (governing a following gen. with -ke); and prefix;—Without, devoid of; out of, etc.; in-, un-, im-, ir-, dis-, -less, etc.:—be-āb, adj. Without water; without lustre, lustreless; without temper; without dignity, etc. (see āb):—be-ābrū, adj. Dishonoured, disgraced; dishonourable, disreputable:—be-ābrū`ī, s.f. Dishonour, disgrace:—be-ābī, s.f. Want of water; lustrelessness; want of temper, etc.:—be-ittifāqī, s.f. Want of agreement or harmony, discord:—be-as̤ar, adj. Without impression or effect, ineffectual, inefficacious:—be-as̤arī, s.f. Inefficacy: beajal, adj. Untimely (death);—be-ěḥtiyāt̤, adj. Incautious; wanting in carefulness; improvident; imprudent; rash:—be-iḵẖtiyār, adj. & adv. Without choice, involuntary, constrained, forced, compelled; without selfpossession, control, or authority;—involuntarily, against (one's) will, in spite of oneself, perforce:—be-iḵẖtiyārī, s.f. Without choice or election, helplessness, want of power:—be-adā`ī, s.f. Non-performance, nonfulfilment; faithlessness; incivility, rudeness:—be-adab, adj. & s.m. Ill-behaved, unmannerly, disrespectful, rude; presumptuous, impudent, insolent;—an ill-behaved person, etc.: beadabī, s.f. Incivility, rudeness, disrespect, impudence, impertinence, presumptuousness:—be-ādar, s.m.=nir-ādar, q.v.:—be-ārām, adj. Restless, uneasy:—be-ārāmī, s.f. Restlessness, uneasiness, disquiet, disease:—bearth (S. vyartha), adj. Without meaning, unmeaning, meaningless; useless, vain, unprofitable, ineffectual, inefficient:—beasbāb, adj. Without goods or effects, having no effects:—be-asbābī, s.f. Want of goods, effects, or necessaries:—be-aṣl, adj. Without foundation, unfounded, groundless, baseless, false:—be-ě`tibār, adj. Of no credit or estimation, not to be trusted or relied on, untrustworthy, unreliable, faithless; incredible; unbelieving, incredulous, suspicious, sceptical:—be-ě`tibārī, s.f. Want of credit, discredit, mistrust, distrust, disbelief; untrustworthiness, faithlessness, dishonesty:—be-ě`tidāl, adj. Uneven, devoid of proportion or symmetry:—be-ě`tidālī, s.f. Unevenness, inequality:—be-ě`tiqād, adj. Incredulous, disbelieving:—be-ětiqādī, s.f. Incredulity, disbelief:—be-iltifāt, adj. Regardless, inattentive; inconsiderate, unconcerned, unkind:—be-iltifātī, s.f. Inattention, regardlessness, want of regard or kindness, disregard, inconsiderateness, unconcern:—beulfat, adj. Devoid of friendship or attachment; averse to friendship, etc., unsocial:—be-ulfatī, s.f. The being devoid of friendship; want of affection or attachment; unsociableness:—beimtiyāz, adj. & s.m. Undiscriminating, undistinguishing, indiscreet; ill-bred, rude, unmannerly, impertinent, presumptuous;—an indiscriminating person, etc.:—be-imtiyāzī, s.f. Lack of discrimination; indiscretion; unmannerliness, incivility, rudeness, presumption:—be-intiz̤āmī, s.f. Disorder, misgovernment, mismanagement, etc. (=badintiz̤amī, q.v.):—be-intihā, adj. Boundless, infinite, endless, etc. (=be-andāza, be-ḥad):—be-andāza, adj. Immoderate; unlimited, boundless, endless:—be-andeshā, adj. & adv. Thoughtless; fearless; thoughtlessly; fearlessly:—be-inṣāf, adj. Unjust, unfair, inequitable; iniquitous, tyrannical, oppressive; unfeeling, hard-hearted, cruel (syn. anyā`ī):—be-inṣāfī, s.f. Injustice, wrong, iniquity (syn. anyāy):—be-inẓibāt̤ī, s.f. Incontinence:—be-aulād, adj. Without offspring or issue, childless:—be-aulādī, s.f. Childlessness:—be-īmān, adj. Without religion, infidel; without conscience, unprincipled, corrupt, faithless, false, perfidious, treacherous; dishonest, fraudulent:—be-īmānī, s.f. Irreligion, infidelity; dishonesty, breach of trust, unfair dealing; falseness, perfidiousness;—be-īmānīkarnā(-se), To act dishonestly, faithlessly, etc.; to play (one) false, to cheat, defraud, misappropriate:—be-bā`is̤, adj. & adv. Without reason, causeless, groundless; causelessly, etc.:—be-bāq, adj. & adv. Without remainder or arrears, complete, paid up in full, balanced, even; entirely, completely, fully:—be-bāq karnā, v.t. To pay up in full, to complete; to wipe off, adjust, settle, liquidate, discharge (an account, etc.); to balance (accounts); to make good a default or balance:—be-bāq hona, v.n. To be paid off, wiped off, settled, liquidated, etc.:—be-bāqī, s.f. Completion; payment in full, adjustment, discharge, liquidation, acquittance, clearance:—be-bāqīkarnā, v.t. To pay up in full, etc. (=bebāq karnā, q.v.):—be-bāk, adj. Fearless, bold, daring:—be-bāk honā(-se), To be fearless, etc. (in respect of):—be-bākī, s.f. Fearlessness, boldness, temerity:—be-bāl-o-par, adj. Unfledged, callow;—without resources, without power, powerless, impotent, helpless:—be-bālo-parī, s.f. Unfledged state;—powerlessness, helplessness, etc.:—be-bićāra, adj. Unconsidered;—be-bićāre, adv. Without considering, inconsiderately, thoughtlessly:—be-bad, adj. Without blemish:—be-badal, adj. Without change, invariable, uniform; unalterable, immutable; incomparable, inestimable, matchless, peerless:—be-bar, adj. Without fruit, fruitless, barren:—be-barg-o-bar, adj.=be-bar:—be-bargī, s.f. Destitution, want:—be-bas, adj. Without power, authority, or command; without resource, powerless, helpless, weak; unresisting:—be-basī, s.f. Helplessness, etc. (syn. be-iḵẖtiyārī):—bebaqā, adj. Unenduring, not eternal, perishable, frail:—be-bal, adj. Without power, weak; destitute, poor, wretched:—be-band-o-bast, adj. Unarranged, without order, unsettled (as a country:—see band-o-bast):—be-bunyād, adj. Devoid of foundation, groundless, unfounded:—be-bunyādī, s.f. Groundlessness, etc.:—be-bahā, adj. Beyond price, priceless, invaluable (=be-qīmat):—be-bahār, adj. Out of season:—be-bahra, adj. Having no share, part or lot (in), without portion or profit; destitute, unfortunate:—be-pā-o-sar, adj. lit. 'Without feet and head'; utterly without resources, very poor and wretched:—be-pāyān, adj. Boundless:—bepardagī, s.f. Openness, immodesty:—be-parda, adj. & adv. Unveiled, uncovered; immodest; openly:—be-pramāṇ, adj. Wanting in authority, unauthorized, etc. (=nishpramāṇ, q.v.):—beparwā, adj. & adv. Heedless, careless, unconcerned, without reflection, thoughtless; fearless, intrepid; at ease, independent; fearlessly, boldly, etc.:—be-parwāhonā(-se), To be careless (of), to be indifferent (to); to be independent (of):—be-parwā`ī, s.f. Freedom from danger or apprehension, security, tranquillity; carelessness, unconcern, thoughtlessness, inattention, heedlessness; independence; indifference:—be-par-o-bālī, s.f.=be-bāl-o-parī, q.v.:—be-parhez, adj. Incontinent:—be-parhezī, s.f. Incontinence:—be-parī, s.f. lit. 'The being without wings'; powerlessness, helplessness:—be-phāb, adj. Shapeless:—be-pīr, adj. Having no spiritual guide; vicious:—be-pīr, adj. Without sympathy or feeling, unfeeling, pitiless, cruel, merciless; inexorable:—be-tāb, adj. Faint, powerless; agitated, restless, uneasy impatient (=be-ćain); devoid of splendour, lustreless:—be-tāb karnā, v.t. To render faint, etc.:—be-tābāna, adv. & adj. Restlessly, uneasy, impatient, impatiently; faint:—be-tābī, s.f. Faintness; agitation, restlessness, uneasiness,impatience; lack of splendour or lustre:—be-tās̤īr, adj. Of no effect, ineffectual:—be-tāl, be-tāla, adj. Out of time (in music); ill-timed:—be-ta`ammul, adj. & adv. Without deliberation; without hesitation; extemporary; inconsiderate, rash;—unhesitatingly, ex tempore; inconsiderately:—be-ta`ammulī, s.f. Unhesitatingness; inconsiderateness, indiscretion, rashness:—betān, adj. Out of tune:—be-taḥāshā, adj. & adv. Inconsiderate, without distinction; rash, reckless; rashly, recklessly, headlong:—betadbīr, adj. Inconsiderate, incautious, imprudent, unwitting:—be-taṣdī`, adj. & adv. Without trouble:—be-ta`alluq, adj. Without connections, independent:—be-ta`alluqī, s.f. Freedom from connection or concern; state of separation or detachment, independence; solitariness:—be-taqṣīr, adj. & adv. Faultless, blameless, innocent; faultlessly, etc.:—betakalluf, adj. Without ceremony, unceremonious, frank:—be-takallufī, s.f. The being without ceremony, unceremoniousness, frankness:—be-tamannā, adj. Free from desire or longing, content:—be-tamannā`ī, s.f. Freedom from desire, contentment:—be-tamīz, adj. Lacking discrimination, indiscreet, unwise, silly:—be-tamīzī, s.f. Want of discrimination, indiscretion:—be-tan, adj. Impersonal:—be-tanmāl, s.m. Escheat, property devolving on the state through want of legal claimants: be-tauba, s.m. Impenitence:—be-tawajjuh, adj. Inattentive, regardless; unkind:—be-tawajjuhī, s.f. Inattention, regardlessness; unkindness:—be-tawaqqu`, adj. Hopeless; without expectation:—be-tah, adj. Bottomless; unmeaning, absurd:—be-tahī, s.f. Bottomlessness; absurdity; impatience:—be-ṭhikānā, adj. Not to be depended on; uncertain; groundless:—be-ṭhaur, adj. & adv. Out of place; groundless; inconsistent;—groundlessly; inconsistently; improperly:—be-ṭhaur-ṭhikāne, adv.=be-ṭhaur:—be-s̤abāt, adj. Unstable, inconstant:—be-s̤abātī, s.f. Instability; inconstancy:—be-s̤amar, adj. Fruitless, of no result:—be-s̤amarī, s.f. Fruitlessness, inefficacy:—be-jā, adj. & adv. Out of place, illplaced, misplaced, ill-timed; unbecoming, improper, amiss, unlawful, unjustifiable; unreasonable, absurd; foreign to the purpose, irrelevant; inaccurate, wrong, objectionable;—improperly, inopportunely; injudiciously, wrongly:—bejā ḵẖarć, bejā ṣarf, s.m. Improper or needless expenditure, needless expense, extravagance, waste:—be-jāda, s.m. Variegated coral:—be-jān, adj. Lifeless, inanimate, faint, dead; valiant, brave:—be-jān karnā, v.t. To deprive of life, to slay:—be-jur`at, adj. Pusillanimous, cowardly:—be jur`atī, s.f. Want of courage, cowardliness, pusillanimity:—bejirm, Without blemish, without flaw, spotless (a jewel):—be-jurm, adj. Fauitless, innocent:—bejurmī, s.f. Innocence:—be-jigar, adj. Lacking courage, cowardly:—be-jigarī, s.f. Lack of courage, cowardliness:—be-jamālī, s.f. Want of beauty, ugliness; imperfection:—be-jawāb, adj. Without answer; unable to answer (=lā-jawāb):—be-jawābī, s.f. The being unable to answer; the being silenced:—be-jot, adj. & s.m. Uncultivated, untilled;—a farm that has been abandoned by the cultivators:—be-joṛ, adj. Without join or joint, out of joint, disjointed (=ajoṛ):—be-jūn, adj. Untimely, out of season, unseasonable, out of occasion:—be-jihat, adj. & adv. Without cause; causelessly:—be-ćāragī, s.f. Helplessness; necessity, wretchedness:—be-ćāra, adj. & s.m. (Pers. pl. be-ćāragān), Without remedy, means, or resources; without choice; helpless, destitute, unfortutunate, miserable, wretched;—unfortunate person, helpless person, poor fellow, poor wretch:—be-ćāl, adj. Unprincipled:—be-ćālī, adj.=be-ćāl;—s.f. Illbehaviour, misdemeanour:—be-ćarāg, adj. Lamp-less, dark, desolate, ruined beyond hope; childless:—be-ćashm, adj. Eyeless: be-ćoba, s.m. lit. 'Poleless'; a kind of tent pitched without a pole:—be-ćūn, adj. Unparalleled, incomparable; inscrutable:—be-ćain, adj. Uneasy, restless, disturbed (=be-kal):—be-ćainī, s.f. Uneasiness, restlessness, disquietude:—be-ḥāṣil, adj. Unprofitable, fruitless (=lā-ḥāṣil):—be-ḥāṣilī, s.f. Unprofitableness, fruitlessness:—be-ḥāl, adj. Out of condition, ill-circumstanced, indisposed; damaged, unserviceable, worn out, used up, ruined; unemployed, badly off, in a bad way or state:—be-ḥālī, s.f. Badness of circumstances or condition:—be-ḥijāb, be-ḥijābāna, adj. & adv. Unveiled, immodest; openly; shamelessly:—be-ḥijābī, s.f. Appearing unveiled, immodesty, indecency, shamelessness:—be-ḥadd, be-ḥad, adj. Boundless, unbounded, endless (=beintihā):—be-ḥarakat, adj. Immovable, motionless, still:—be-ḥarakatī, s.f. Want of motion, motionlessness, immovability:—be-ḥurmat, adj. Disgraced:—be-ḥurmatī, s.f. Disgrace:—be-ḥiss, adj. Insensible, senseless:—be-ḥisāb, adj. Countless, beyond calculation, incalculable; immoderate, excessive; inconsistent:—be-ḥuẓūr, adj. Absent:—be ḥukm (-ke), Without the order or permission (of):—be-ḥikmat, adj. Unskilful:—be-ḥawāṣṣ, be-ḥawāṣ, Out of one's senses, beside one's self, distracted:—be-ḥawāṣī, s.f. Senselessness, insensibility; distraction of mind:—be-ḥauṣila, adj. Lacking ambition, mean or low-spirited, spiritless, wanting capacity:—be-ḥayā, adj. & s.m. Shameless, immodest, bold, impudent;—shameless person, etc.:—be-ḥayā`ī, s.f. Shamelessness, barefacedness, effrontery, impudence:—be-ḵẖār, adj. Without thorns; without anxiety, solicitude, or fear:—be-ḵẖān-o-mān, adj. Houseless; destitute:—be-ḵẖāya, s.m. lit. 'Devoid of testicles'; an eunuch;—be-ḵẖāya karnā, v.t. To geld, castrate:—be-ḵẖabar, adj. & adv. Without knowledge (of, -se), uninformed; without intelligence, senseless, ignorant, stupid; incautious, imprudent, careless, heedless;—unwittingly, unintentionally:—be-ḵẖabarī, s.f. Imprudence; carelessness, heedlessness; stupidity:—be-ḵẖarć, adj. Without money for expenses, wanting means:—be-ḵẖarćī, s.f. Want of pay or wages, want of money:—be-ḵẖirad, adj. Without understanding, stupid, senseless:—be-ḵẖar-o-ḵẖāvind, adj. Without a master, without an owner:—be-ḵẖat̤ā, adj. Unerring:—be-ḵẖat̤ar, be-ḵẖat̤ra, adj. Free from danger, safe, fearless, unapprehensive:—be-ḵẖalish, adj. Without misgiving, without solicitude:—be-ḵẖẉāb, adj. Sleepless:—be-ḵẖẉabī, s.f. Sleeplessness:—be-ḵẖẉāhish, adj. Without inclination or desire; without spirit; without pursuit, object, or hobby:—be-ḵẖẉud, be-ḵẖud, adj. Beside oneself (with joy or grief), out of one's mind; in ecstasy, transported, enraptured, intoxicated; senseless, delirious (syn. az ḵẖẉud rafta):—be-ḵẖẉud-ānā, adv. Like one beside himself; like one in ecstasies, etc.:—be-ḵẖẉudī, s.f. The being beside one's self, alienation of mind, ecstasy, transport, rapture; senselessness, insensibility, stupefaction, delirium:—be-ḵẖẉur-o-ḵẖẉāb, adj. Without food and sleep; without inclination to eat or sleep, restless, unsettled, disturbed:—be-ḵẖẉesh, adj. Without a friend, friendless:—be-dāḵẖil, adj. Not admitted, set aside, dismissed (a claim):—be-dād, s.f. Injustice; iniquity;—adj. Not doing justice, unjust, lawless (see be-inṣāf; be-inṣāfī):—be-dād-gar, s.m. Oppressor:—be-dād-garī, s.f. Oppression:—be-dādī, s.f. Injustice, lawlessness:—be-dāsht, adj. Careless, inattentive, negligent:—be-dāshtī, s.f. Carelessness, inattention, neglect (particularly of cattle):—be-dāg, adj. Spotless:—be-dānishī, s.f. Ignorance:—be-dāna, adj. & s.m. Grainless; seedless (as fruit);—pomegranate; a kind of raisin; the fruit of the mulberry tree:—be-daḵẖl, adj. & s.m. Dispossessed, ejected;—dispossessed or ejected person;—be-daḵẖl karnā, v.t. To exclude, eject, evict:—be-daḵẖlī, s.f. Want of entrance, exclusion, want of possession; dispossession:—be-dard, adj. Unfeeling, void of compassion, pitiless, merciless:—be-dard-āna, adv. Like an unfeeling or merciless person; in an unfeeling manner, etc.:—be-dardī, s.f. Freedom from pain; unfeelingness, inhumanity:—be-dirang, adj. & adv. Without delay:—be-direg̠, adj. & adv. Undeniable, incontestable, readily acknowledged; unsparing, ungrudging, not refusing, liberal; pitiless, merciless;—ungrudgingly, etc.:—be-dast-o-pā, adj. lit. 'Without hands and feet'; without power or authority; without resources; helpless (=be-pā-o-sar):—be-dastūr, adj. Unusual; ill-bred:—beda`wā, adj. Without claim; free from claims;—be-da`wā-patra, s.m. A deed acknowledging the abandonment of a claim or suit:—be-dil, adj. Dissatisfied, displeased; heartless, dispirited, dejected, sad:—be-dil-āna, adv. Like one heartless or dejected; in a spiritless or heartless manner;—be-dil honā(-se), To be dispirited or disheartened (by reason of); to be discontented or dissatisfied (with):—be-dilī, s.f. Heartlessness, dejection; dissatisfaction, discontent:—be-dam, adj. Breathless:—bedamī, s.f. Breathlessness:—be-damāg̠, adj. Illtempered, irritable, impatient, easily provoked:—be-damāg̠-āna, adv. Ill-naturedly; impatiently:—be-damāg̠ī, s.f. Bad-temper, irritability, impatience:—be-dawā, adj. Beyond cure or remedy, incurable:—be-dos, adj. Faultless, innocent (little used):—be-daulat, adj. Devoid of wealth; unfortunate:—be-daulatī, s.f. Bad luck, misfortune:—be-dhaṛak, be-dhaṛkā, adj. & adv. Without fear or doubt, fearless, bold, intrepid, dauntless;—fearlessly, etc.; confidently; on a sudden:—be-dahshat, adj. Fearless, etc. (=be-ḍar):—be-dayā, adj. Without feeling or pity, unfeeling, pitiless:—be-diyānat, adj. Irreligious; unjust:—be-dīn, adj. & s.m. Without religion, irreligious;—irreligious person:—be-ḍar, adj. & adv. Fearless, bold, dauntless,intrepid;—fearlessly, etc.:—be-ḍaul, adj. Misshapen, shapeless, illfashioned, ugly, clumsy, awkward; illmannered, ill-bred, uneducated; unpleasant, untoward (cf. be-ḍhab):—be-ḍaulī, s.f. Ugliness; clumsiness, awkwardness; impropriety; disorder:—be-ḍhab, adj. & adv. Ill-shaped, ugly, ungainly; unmannerly, rude, etc. (=be-ḍaul); awkward, untoward, difficult, unmanageable; complicated, serious, grave, threatening, dangerous; severe, violent; ungovernable, daring, fearless, reckless, audacious, presumptuous; excessive, extravagant, enormous; strange, extraordinary; heartless, unfeeling, cruel;—fearlessly, daringly, recklessly; doggedly, impudently; excessively; severely, seriously; awkwardly, untowardly; cleverly; strikingly, in an extraordinary manner; cruelly, unfeelingly:—be-ḍhang, adj. Ill-mannered, ill-behaved, illbred, uneducated, improper, ugly (see be-ḍhab),—be-ḍhangī, s.f. Ill-manneredness, rudeness, uncouthness; impropriety:—be-ẕauq, adj. Without relish, tasteless, insipid:—be-ẕauqī, s.f. Tastelessness, insipidity:—be-rāh, adj. Erring, astray; unprincipled, depraved, dissolute:—be-rāhī, s.f. Error, wandering; dissoluteness:—be-rabt̤, adj. Irregular, contrary to rule:—be-rutbagī, s.f. Absence or lack of rank, or degree of honour:—be-rutba, adj. Without dignity or rank; worthless:—be-raḥm, adj. Pitiless, merciless, cruel, barbarous:—beraḥmī, s.f. Hardness (of heart), mercilessness, cruelty:—be-raẓā, adj. Without leave:—berang, adj. Without colour, colourless:—be-rū, adj. lit. 'Without face'; bare-faced, shameless; inhuman:—be-rū`ī, s.f. Shamelessness; inhumanity:—be-roz, adj. Unfortunate:—berozī, adj. Destitute of daily bread, without sustenance; unfortunate:—be-rok, be-rok-ṭok, adj. Without let or hindrance:—be-rahī, s.f.=berāhī, q.v.:—be-raib-o-riyā, be-riyā, adj. Without guile, guileless, candid, sincere:—beriyā`ī, s.f. Guilelessness, sincerity, candour:—be-rīsh, adj. Beardless (a youth):—be-resha, adj. Without fibre:—be-zār, adj. Displeased, vexed, annoyed, out of humour; disgusted; (vulg.) sick, sorry:—be-zār honā(-se), To be displeased (with); to be sick (of):—be-zārī, s.f. Displeasure, ill-humour, vexation, annoyance; disgust, weariness:—be-zabān, adj. & s.m. Without speech or language, mute, speechless, dumb;—a dumb animal, brute:—be-zabānī, s.f. Inability to speak, speechlessness, dumbness:—be-zar, adj. Without money or the means of getting it, helpless, destitute:—be-zar ḵẖarīd, adj. (Taking or getting) without purchase, free of cost:—be-zarī, s.f. The being without money, impecuniosity, indigence, poverty:—be-zan-o-farzand, adj. Without wife and children:—be-zawāl, adj. Imperishable: unchangeable:—be-zor, adj. Weak, impotent:—be-zahra, adj. Without gall or bile; patient; good-tempered; forbearing; indefatigable; shameless:—be-zeb-o-zīnat, adj. Ugly and awkward; inelegant in dress and person:—bezīn, adj. Without saddle, unsaddled:—besāḵẖtagī, s.f. Artlessness, simplicity, undisguised or unstudied conduct:—be-sāḵẖta, adj. & adv. Inartificial, unaffected, natural, undisguised, plain, artless;—spontaneously, of its own accord, naturally; ex tempore:—besāz, be-sāz-o-sāmān, adj. Without apparatus, or tools, etc.; unaccoutred:—be-sāmānī, s.f. Want of apparatus, or of necessaries:—be-sabab, adj. & adv. Without cause or reason, causeless; causelessly:—be-satrī, s.f. Unveiling, exposure, dishonour; barefacedness, impudence:—besutūn, adj. Without pillar or prop; of no foundation; insignificant:—be-saj, adj. Shapeless, ill-made:—be-suḵẖan, adj. Taciturn:—be-sudh, adj. Senseless, beside one's self; enraptured, entranced, in a swoon (syn. be-ḵẖẉud):—be-sar, adj. Unequalled, peerless:—be-surā, adj. Out of tune:—be-surt, adj. Stupid:—be-sar-o-pā, adj.=be-pā-o-sar, q.v.:—be-sar-o-sāmān, adj. Without apparatus; without means; destitute of (the) necessaries (of life), unprovided, helpless:—be-salīqagī, s.f. Inexpertness, awkwardness:—be-salīqa, adj. Without method, inexpert, awkward:—besamajh, adj. Devoid of understanding or sense, ignorant, stupid (=an-samajh; abudh):—be-soć, adj. Thoughtless, unreflecting, undiscriminating, inconsiderate; heedless, regardless, careless:—be-soće, adv. Thoughtlessly, inconsiderately; heedlessly, carelessly:—be-sīl, adj. Shameless:—beshāhid, adj. Without evidence:—be-shubha, adj.=be-shak, q.v.:—be-sharaf, adj. Without honour or dignity:—be-sharafī, s.f. Dishonour, indignity:—be-sharm, adj. Immodest, shameless, impudent:—be-sharmī, s.f. Shamelessness, immodesty, impudence:—beshu`ūr, adj. & s.m. Ignorant, uninformed;—stupid fellow, blockhead:—be-shu`ūrī, s.f. Ignorance, stupidity:—be-shafaqat, vulg. beshafqat, adj. Unkind, unmerciful, harsh:—beshak, be-shakk-o-raib, be-shakk-o-shubh, adv. Doubtless, indubitably, undoubtedly, certainly:—be-shumār, adj. Countless, numberless, innumerable, much:—be-ṣabr, adj. Devoid of patience, impatient, restless:—be-ṣabr honā, v.n. To be impatient, to lose all patience:—be-ṣabrī, be-ṣabūrī, s.f. Want of patience, impatience:—be-ṣarfa, adj. Unprofitable:—be-ṣalāḥ, adj. Without the advice (of, -ke); ill-advised, head-strong:—be-ẓābit̤agī, s.f. Irregularity:—be-ẓābit̤a, adj. Irregular, contrary to rule (=ḵẖilaf-ẓābit̤a):—be-ẓabt̤, adj. Irregular; unrestrained, wanton:—be-ẓabt̤-rabt̤, adj. Without rule or order, devoid of order or connection:—be-t̤āqat, adj. Powerless, weak, beyond the power of endurance:—be-t̤āqatī, s.f. Weakness; nonendurance:—be-t̤āli`, adj. Destitute of good fortune, unlucky:—be-t̤āli`ī, s.f. Ill-luck, misfortune, adversity:—be-t̤araḥ, adj. & adv. Ill-mannered, unmannerly, uncivil, rude, awkward, uncouth;—badly, etc. (=be-ḍhab, q.v.):—be-t̤arafdār, adj. Of no party, impartial, unsectarian:—be-t̤arafdārī, s.f. Nonpartisanship, impartiality, unsectarianism:—bet̤alab, adj. Uncalled, unsought:—be-t̤ama`, adj. Free from covetousness or greediness; disinterested:—be-t̤ama`ī, s.f. Freedom from covetousness, etc.; disinterestedness:—be-t̤aur, adj. Unmannerly, rude, etc. (=be-t̤araḥandbe-ḍhab, qq.v.):—be-t̤aurī, s.f. Unmannerliness, incivility, rudeness, etc.:—be-`ibrat, adj. Unwarned by example, unawed:—be-`adl, adj. Unjust, lawless:—be-`izzat, adj. Without honour or dignity; disgraced:—be-`izzatī, s.f. Ingloriousness, disesteem, dishonour, disgrace, ignominy:—be-`aql, adj. Stupid, senseless:—be-`aqlī, s.f. Stupidity, senselessness:—be-`illat, adj. Without cause, causeless (=besabab):—be-`aib, adj. Without defect, blemish, or flaw; faultless:—be-g̠āyat, adj. Boundless, etc. (=be-pāyān; be-intihā):—be-g̠araẓ, adj. Disinterested, without selfishness, impartial; independent, indifferent:—be-g̠araẓ-āna, adv. Disinterestedly, unselfishly, etc.:—be-g̠araẓī, s.f. Disinterestedness, unselfishness; impartiality, indifference, independence:—beg̠il-o-g̠ish, be-g̠al-o-g̠ash, adj. & adv. Without trouble or anxiety; without vexation, annoyance, or any disturbing influence; without fraud or hatred:—be-g̠am, adj. & adv. Without trouble, without sorrow or anxiety:—be-gaur, adj. & adv. Without consideration or reflection, without premeditation;—thoughtlessly, etc.:—be-g̠airat, adj. Lacking honour or dignity; without pride or emulation, spiritless; shameless, wanton, impudent, rude, infamous:—be-g̠airatī, s.f. Want of honour, etc.; want of pride, etc.;spiritlessness; disgrace; shamelessness, impudence, rudeness, wantonness:—be-fā`ida, adj. & adv. Unprofitable, useless, vain; uselessly, to no purpose:—be-fikr, adj. Free from care or anxiety, without solicitude, contented, tranquil; unconcerned, thoughtless, unreflecting, inconsiderate:—be-fikrī, s.f. Freedom from care, anxiety or solicitude, contentedness; thoughtlessness, unconcern:—be-fahmīd, adj. Slow in comprehending, stupid:—be-faiẓ, adj. Unprofitable, possessing but not bestowing (as a learned man who does not communicate his knowledge, or a rich man from whose wealth no one derives benefit):—be-qābū, adj. Unable, powerless, helpless; without restraint; out of one's power or reach, secure against surprise or attack:—be-qā`ida, adj. Unarranged, irregular, without order or rule, ungrammatical:—beqadr, adj. Of no importance or worth, of no estimation, unimportant, worthless:—be-qadrī, s.f. Worthlessness, low estimation, disesteem, disrepute:—be-qarār, adj. Restless, uneasy, discomposed, disturbed in mind, disquieted, anxious, distracted; unsettled, variable, vacillating, inconstant;—be-qarār karnā, v.t. To render uneasy, disturb in mind, disquiet, etc.:—be-qarārī, s.f. Restlessness, uneasiness, anxiety, discomposure, disquietude; instability, inconstancy, variableness, fluctuation:—bequṣūr, adj. Faultless, innocent; without fail, completely, entirely:—be-qala`ī, adj. Untinned (as a pot, etc.):—be-qaul, adj. Faithless, perfidious:—be-qiyās, adj. Inconceivable, contrary to the common order of things, incomprehensible, immense, exorbitaut:—beqaid, adj. Unrestrained, unrestricted;—irregular; dissolute, licentious:—be-kāj, bekār, be-kām, adj. Without work or employment, unemployed, not in office, idle; inoperative, ineffective; without force, invalid; useless, worthless:—be-kār karnā, v.t. To render useless or unserviceable; to renderof no avail, to render defective; to nullify, invalidate; to thwart, frustrate, defeat, undo:—be-kārī, s.f. The state of being unemployed; want of employment, idleness:—be-kāraṇ, adv. Causelessly, aimlessly, uselessly:—be-kām, adj. Disappointed, frustrated: be-kuṭnāye, adv. Without practising the work, business, or art of a procuress:—be-karān, adj. Shoreless, boundless; immense, enormous:—be-kas, adj. Friendless, forlorn, destitute;—be-kas-āna, adj. & adv. Friendless, destitute; in a friendless manner:—be-kasī, s.f. Forlorn state, friendlessness, destitution:—be-kafan, adj. Unshrouded:—be-kafanī, s.f. The being buried without a shroud:—be-kal, adj. Restless, uneasy, disturbed (=be-ćain;be-qarār); out of order:—be-kalī, s.f.=be-qarārī, q.v.:—be-kamo-kāst, adj. Without decrease or diminution, without omission, accurate, exact, all right:—be-khaṭkā, adj. Free from anxiety or apprehension:—be-khaṭke, adv. Without apprehension or doubt:—be-gāh, adj. & adv. Untimely, unseasonable; unseasonably:—begumān, adj. Without doubt or suspicion; doubtless:—be-gunāh, adj. & adv. Guiltless, innocent;—without offence, unjustly, wrongfully:—be-gunāhī, s.f. Guiltlessness, innocence:—be-ginat, be-gintī, adj. Countless, numberless, etc. (=be-shumār; an-gina):—beghāṭ, adj. Inaccessible (a river, etc.), without steps or a quay (to it):—be-lāj, adj. Without shame, shameless, impudent:—be-lāg, adj. Without stain or blemish, faultless, irreproachable:—be-libāsī, s.f. Nakedness, nudity:—be-liḥāz̤, adj. Inattentive, unmindful, indiscreet; unmannerly, impertinent:—be-lut̤f, adj. Unkind, ungracious; inelegant; without pleasure, insipid, flavourless, vapid: be-lut̤fī, s.f. Unkindness; inelegance; unpleasantness:—be-lagām, adj. Unbridled; licentious, intemperate:—be-lagā`o, adj. Unconnected, independent; without ties or encumbrances, unfettered; inaccessible;candid; categorical, without reserve:—be-lau,adj. Without spirit, dispirited, heartless:—be-mān, adj. Disgraced, dishonoured; dishonourable:—be-mānand, adj. Incomparable, unparalleled:—be-māya, adj. Without resources, without means, funds, or substance; poor, destitute, indigent:—bemāyagī, s.f. Poverty, indigence:—be-mis̤āl, adj. Incomparable, etc. (=be-mānand):—bemuḥābā, adj. & adv. Without respect, unceremonious; unceremoniously:—bemuḥāsaba, adj. & adv. Unaccountable, irresponsible; without calculation, at a venture:—be-maḥal, adj. & adv. Out of place, improper; improperly:—be-muruwwat, adj. Unkind, inhuman, cruel; unpolished, unpolite, uncivil:—be-muruwwatī, s.f. Unkindness, inhumanity, cruelty; unpoliteness, incivility:—be-mazagī, s.f. Insipidity, tastelessness; coolness (between friends); unpleasantness; disgust:—be-maza, adj. Tasteless, insipid; unpleasant; displeasing:—be-ma`nī, adj. Unmeaning, senseless, absurd, foolish, idle, vain:—be-mu`aiyan, adj. Undefined, unlimited:—be-maqdūr, adj. Without authority; without resource, poor, miserable:—be-man, adj. Spiritless:—be-minnat, adj. Independent, unwilling to incur obligation: be-minnatā, s.m. Name of a bicornous instrument made of wood with a cloth spread over it for straining bhaṅg (so called because a man can strain the liquor without help from others):—be-mūjib, adj. & adv. Without cause orreason, causeless; causelessly:—be-mausim, adj. & adv. Out of season, unseasonable; unseasonably:—bemauqā`, be-mauqi`, adj. & adv. Out of place; unseasonable, untimely, unapt, inopportune, inconvenient:—be-mihr, adj. Wanting in affection, unkind, unfriendly:—be-mihrī, s.f. Want of affection, unkindness, unfriendliness:—be-mel, adj. Without unison, unharmonious, unsuitable, unreconciled, etc. (=an-mel, q.v.):—be-nāp, adj. Without measure; unmeasured, unsurveyed:—be-nāp-kāpaṭṭā, s.m. A lease guaranteeing that the average rates of land remain as before:—benām, adj. Without name, character, or reputation; inglorious:—be-nām-o-nishān, adj. Without name or character:—be-nāmūsī, s.f. Disgrace, dishonour:—be-nāmī, adj. Anonymous:—be-naṣīb, adj. Without lot or portion (in, -se), unfortunate (in respect of, -se); frustrated (in):—be-naṣībī, s.f. Untoward luck or fortune, ill-luck, misfortune:—be-naz̤īr, adj. Incomparable, etc. (=be-badal; lā-s̤ānī):—benamak, adj. Without salt, saltless; insipid; lacking piquancy; ugly; ordinary:—be-nang, adj. Shameless;—be-nang-o-nāmus, adj. Without name or character:—be-nawā, adj. & s.m. Without provisions or furniture; without prosperity or splendour in condition; indigent, destitute;—a kind of darwesh who shaves his eyebrows and beard (syn. āzād):—be-nawā`ī, s.f. Indigence, destitution, beggary; mendicancy:—be-nūrī, s.f. Absence of light:—be-nihāyat, adj. Without bounds or limits, boundless, endless:—be-niyāz, adj. Without want, wanting nothing, not in need, able to dispense (with, -se), independent (of); an epithet of the Deity:—be-niyāz karnā, v.t. To make (one) independent (of, -se); to make (a thing) unnecessary (for one):—be-niyāzī, s.f. Freedom from want, ability to dispense (with), independence:—be-niyam, adj. Without restraint, without restriction, unrestricted; without rule:—be-wāris̤, adj. Without heirs (=lā-wāris̤):—be-wāris̤māl, s.m. Property that escheats to the government in default of heirs:—be-wālī, adj. Without a ruler, without a protector:—be-wajh, adj. & adv. Without cause or reason; causelessly:—be-waḥdat, adj. Insolent, rude, unmannerly; unmindful; immodest, shameless:—be-wat̤an, adj. & s.m. Without home or native country;—an exile:—be-wat̤anī, s.f. Exile, banishment:—be-wafā, adj. & s.m. Faithless, perfidious, treacherous; ungrateful;—traitor, faithless one, ingrate:—bewafā`ī, s.f. Faithlessness, infidelity, ingratitude, treachery:—be-waqār, adj. Without fame or character, wanting dignity, undignified; dishonourable:—be-waqārī, s.f. Want of dignity, etc.:—be-waqt, adj. Out of season, untimely, ill-timed, at an unusual time, unseasonable:—be-waqr, adj.=be-waqār, q.v.:—be-waqrī, s.f.=be waqārī, q.v.:—bewuqūf, adj. & s.m. Ignorant, foolish, inexpert, stupid;—blockhead, dolt:—be-wuqūfī, s.f. Want of understanding, ignorance, stupidity, folly, foolishness, fatuity: be-hamāl, adj. Without compeer, unequalled, unrivalled (=benaz̤īr; be-badal):—be-himmat, adj. Unambitious, unaspiring, humble, spiritless, pusillanimous; miserly, ignoble, vile; slothful, lazy, indolent:—be-hamtā, adj. Incomparable, etc. (=be-hamāl; be-badal; be-naz̤īr):—behimmatī, s.f. Lack of ambition, spiritlessness; pusillanimity, etc. (see be-himmat):—be-hunar, adj. Unskilful, unskilled, unaccomplished:—behunarī, s.f. Unskilfulness; lack of accomplishments:—be-hangām, adj. Untimely, etc. (=be-waqt):—be-hosh, adj. Unconscious, insensible, stupefied, intoxicated, delirious; senseless, stupid:—be-hoshī, s.f. unconsciousness, insensibility, stupefaction, intoxication, delirium; senselessness, stupidity:—be-heć, adv. For nothing, without reason, purpose, or motive.
Origin: Persian

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