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ॄƺ brahma, brahm, s.m. The Supreme Being, the all pervading Spirit and Soul of the universe, the divine essence and source of all being from which all created things emanate and to which they return, the Self-existent, the Absolute, the Eternal;—spirit, soul;—sacred text, scripture (the Veda);—the class occupied with religious knowledge, the Brahmanical caste; a member of that caste, a Brāhman:—brahmāstra, vulg. brahm-astra, s.m. 'Brahma's missile,' name of a fabled weapon (supposed to be the gift of Brahma) which deals infallible destruction to those against whom it is discharged (syn. brahm-bān):—brahmāsan (brahma+āsana), s.m. A particular posture suited to devout religious meditation:—brahmānḍ(brahma+aṇḍa), s.m. 'The egg of Brahma,' the mundane egg,the universe, globe, world; the top of the head, skull:—brahmāvartta (brahma+āvartta), s.m. 'The holy land,' epithet of the country situated between the riversSarasvatīand Dr̤ishadvati, to the north-west of Hastināpuraor Dehli:—brahmbān, brahm-wān, s.m.=brahmāstra, q.v.:—brahm-bhoj, s.m. Feeding of Brahmans:—brahm-putra, s.m. A kind of vegetable poison;—name of a river rising in the eastern extremity of the Himalaya in Thibet, and falling with the Ganges into the Bay of Bengal;—a place of pilgrimage (probably the source of the river):—brahmputrī, s.f. Epithet of the river Sarasvatī:—brahma-tattva, s.m. The true knowledge of Brahma or the Supreme Spirit:—brahma-janma, s.m. Divine or spiritual birth, the second birth (effected by sacred study or knowledge), investiture with the sacred thread:—brahma-ćārinī, s.f. (see next), A woman who leads a chaste and virtuous life;—brahmā-ćārī, s.m. A Brahman who practises continence or chastity, especially a religious student from the time of his investiture with the sacrificial thread till he marries and becomes a householder; a religious student who remains with his spiritual teacher studying the Vedas and observing the duties of a student; a particular class of ascetics; a Pandit learned in the Veda:—brahma-ćarya, vulg. brahm-ćarj, s.m. Sacred study, religious studentship, the condition of a young Brāhman or student in the first period of his life; religious self-restraint, pious austerity, continence, chastity:—brahmada, adj. & s.m. Imparting religious knowledge;—spiritual teacher:—brahmadarbhā, s.f. Lijusticum Ajowan:—brahm-danḍ, s.m. Curse of a Brāhman, anathema:—brahmadāru, s.m. The Mulberry tree, Morus Indicus:—brahma-daitya, brahm-dait, brahm-rākshas, s.m. A Brāhman changed into a Daitya, ghost of a deceased Brāhman; apparition, ghost:—brahma-rātri, s.f. 'Night of Brahma,' a period of time comprehending a thousand ages of the gods, or 216,000,000 ages of mortals:—brahmā-randhra, s.m. The aperture at the crown of the head through which the soul is said to escape on death:—brahm-rūp, brahmaswarūp, brahm-sarūp, adj. Of the nature of spirit, of the same essence as the god-head:—brahm-sesh, s.m. Leavings of Brāhmans:—brahma-śasan, s.m. An edict addressed to the Brāhmāns; command of Brahmā, command of a Brāhman:—brahma-kunḍ, s.m. Name of a sacred pool:—brahma-gya (brahma-jṅa), s.m. One who has spiritual wisdom or who knows Brahma as the one all-pervading Spirit, a sage:—brahm-gyān (brahma+jṅāna), s.m. Divine knowledge, true knowledge of the Deity or of the Veda; spiritual wisdom:—brahmgyāni, adj. & s.m. Possessing true knowledge of the Deity;—one who possesses spiritual knowledge:—brahm-ghāt, s.f. Murder of a Brahman (=brahm-hatyā):—brahmaghātak, brahma-ghna, adj. & s.m. Slaying a Brāhman;—slayer or murderer of a Brāhman:—brahma-ghosh, s.m. 'Prayer-sound,' murmur arising from the recital of prayers; the sacred word, the text of the Veda; the reading or repeating of the Veda:—brahma-lok, s.m. The heaven or place of residence of Brahmā, a division of the universe and one of the supposed residences of pious spirits:—brahm-mūrat, adj. & s.m. Having the figure, or in the form, of Brahma; image of Brahma; appellative of a Brāhman:—brahma-nirwān, s.m. Extinction in Brahma, absorption into the Supreme Spirit:—brahma-vādī, s.m. One who recites the Vedas, defender or expounder of the Veda; one who asserts that all things are Brahma, a follower of the Vedanta system of philosophy:—brahmavān, s.m.=brahm-bān, brahmāstra, q.q.v.:—brahm-hatyā, s.f. Killing a Brahman, Brahmanicide; any crime equally heinous:—brahm-hatyārā(the preceding+S. kāra), s.m. (f. -ī), Slayer or murderer of a Brahman (=brahmaghātak):—brahmā-hotra, s.m. A ceremony consisting in oblations to Brahma;—a free grant given to Brāhmans for religious purposes.

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