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sar[Pehl. sar; Zend śara; S. िसरस् ], s.m. Head, top, pinnacle, tip, end, point; front, face; origin, beginning; head, chief; intention, end, aim; inclination, will, desire, love;—sar-ā-pā, adv. From head to foot, throughout, totally; cap-a-pie;—s.m. The whole from head to foot; the whole body;—a complete description in verse (of graces or charms, etc.):—sar-ā-pātak, adv.=sar-ā-pā:—sar-ě-ijlās, adv. In the court (of), in the presence (of):—sar-ā-sar, adv. See s.v.:—sar-āsīma, adj. Disturbed in the brain, bewildered, confounded, amazed, astonished, stupefied; insane; distressed:—sar-āsīmagī, s.f. Distraction, confusion of mind, amazement, perturbation, dismay; distress:—sar-āmad, adj. & s.m. lit.'Come to the top or end'; accomplished, perfect, complete;—a master (of an art, or profession, etc.); a chief:—sar-anjām, s.m. See s.v.:—sar-andāz, adj. Warlike, intrepid, undaunted, fearless, foolhardy; bloody, sanguinary; active, nimble; ingenious;—confused, bashful; shameless, impure;—s.m. A robber, thief;—a man who (by way of blandishment, or from pride, or intoxication, or disease, or any singular habit) moves his head from side to side in walking;—a veil which women wear when they go abroad, a coif, a hood:—sar-ě-angushtor sar-angusht, s.m. Tip of the finger:—sar-bāz, adj. Bare-headed; risking (one's) head or life, brave, resolute, intrepid, foolhardy:—sar-ě-bāzār, adv. In the open market, in public:—sar-bāzī, s.f. Risking of life, courage, intrepidity, foolhardiness:—sar-ba-rāh, s.m. See s.v.:—sar-basta, adj. Closed at the top or end; closed, shut; covered, concealed, hidden, secret; inextricable; having the head covered or tied up, wearing a turban:—sar-ba-sar, adv. From end to end, totally, wholly, entirely (=sar-ā-sar);—equally;—adj. Equal:—sar-buland, adj. Having the head raised high, exalted, eminent, glorious, excellent:—sar-bulandī, s.f. Exaltation, eminence:—sar-ba-mǒhr, adj. Sealed at the top or mouth (as a bottle, etc.), sealed:—sar-parast, s.m. Guardian, patron;—a servant:—sarparastī, s.f. Patronage:—sar-panć, s.m. Head arbitrator or assessor, president of a body of arbitrators, foreman of a jury:—sar-posh, vulg. sar-pos, s.m. Cover, lid, pot-lid, stopple:—sar-peć, and sar-pesh, s.m. An ornament of gold, silver, or jewels, worn in front of the turban (it sometimes consists of square pieces of gold plates strung together, each plate being set with precious stones);—a band of silk or embroidery from two to two and a half cubits long, worn round the turban:—sartāb, adj. Refractory, rebellious, insubordinate, contumacious:—sar-tābī, s.f. Refractoriness, disobedience, insubordination, contumacy; (in law) contempt:—sar-tā-pā, adv. From head to foot, cap-a-pie (=sar-ā-pā):—sar-tāj, s.m. Head, chief, lord, master:—sar-tez, adj. Sharppointed:—sar-ḥad, s.f. See s.v.:—sar-ě-ḥisāb rahnā, To live up to (one's) income:—sar-ḵẖẉush, adj. 'Merry-headed,' intoxicated, tipsy, lively, gay, merry, cheerful:—sar-ḵẖẉushī, s.f. Exhilaration, slight intoxication, cheerfulness, gaiety:—sar-ḵẖail, s.m. Commander of a troop of horse, or of a body of men;—head or chief of a clan:—sar-daraḵẖtī, s.f. Produce of trees, a tax on trees, orchards, etc.:—sar-dard, s.m. Headache; toil, trouble, perplexity:—sar-dardī, s.f. Vexation, trouble:—sar-dar-kanār, adj. & adv. Hanging the head aside, quiet:—sar-ě-dast, adv. At hand, ready to hand; at present, just now; immediately:—sar-ě-daflar, s.m. Head of an office; head clerk:—sar-duwāl, s.f. A head-stall; reins:—sar-ě-rāh, s.m. High road, higher part of the road; head of a street;—adv. On the high road, by the road-side:—sar-rishta, s.m. See s.v.:—sar-rafta, adj. 'Gone in the head,' distracted:—sar-raftagī, s.f. Distraction (of mind):—sar-ě-rū, s.f. The cephalic vein in the arm:—sar-zada, part. adj. Depraved; illbred:—sar-zad honā, v.n. To be accomplished or effected (by, -se), to be committed (by), to proceed (from); to happen, occur; to appear, come out, come to light:—sar-zamīn, s.f. The earth; surface of the earth; country, region, territory; limits, confines:—sar-zan, adj. Striking the head; striking with the head, butting;—rebellious, disobedient:—sar-zanish, s.f. Reproof, reprehension, rebuke, chiding, railing at:—sar-zanī, s.f. Striking the head, buffeting; butting:—sar-zor, adj. Refractory, headstrong, rebellious, disobedient, mutinous:—sar-zorī, s.f. Rebellion, mutiny, refractoriness, disobedience:—sar-ě-sāl, s.m. Commencement of the year:—sar-sām, adj. & s.m. See s.v.:—sar-sabz, adj. See s.v.:—sar-ě-shām, s.m. & adv. Evening; early in the evening:—sar-shār, adj. See s.v.:—sar-farāz, adj. Having the head raised; exalted, eminent, distinguished, honoured; promoted; deprived of virginity; dishonoured, violated:—sar-farāz karnā, v.t. To exalt, dignify, honour, ennoble;—to dishonour, violate, deflower (a virgin):—sar-farāz honā, v.n. To be honoured (with or by, -se);—to be deflowered, be violated:—sar-farāzī, s.f. Honouring, distinguishing, exaltation, advancement, promotion, eminence:—sar-kār, s.f. See s.v. :—sar karnā, v.t. To make head; to bring to an end, accomplish, achieve,perform, complete; to discharge, fire (a gun);—to conquer, subdue, overpower, take (a fort, etc.):—sar-kash, adj. Rearing the head, refractory, rebellious, mutinous, disobedient, contumacious; obstinate; proud, arrogant, insolent, licentious;—revolted, disloyal:—sar-kashī, s.f. Disobedience, refractoriness, mutiny, rebellion, insurrection; contumacy, obstinacy; arrogance, insolence:—sar-kashīkarnā, To be refractory or contumacious; to mutiny, revolt; rebel:—sarkob, adj. & s.m. 'Head-striking'; overlooking, over-topping, commanding (as a fort or situation);—beating the head; reproof, reproach:—an eminence which commands a fortress or houses, a commanding fortress;—overlooker, superintendent; a superior (in any art); a powerful adversary:—sar-kobī, s.f. Striking the head, beating, punishment:—sarguẕasht, s.f. Event, accident, adventure; transaction; story, history, narrative, account of circumstances (syn. mājrā):—sar-garān, adj. Having the head confused or heavy with drink, intoxicated, crop-sick;—proud, arrogant, insolent:—sar-garānī, s.f. Heaviness of the head from intoxication, headache, cropsickness; stupidity; dissatisfaction; pride, arrogance:—sar-gardān, adj. 'The head whirling round,' dizzy, vertiginous; stupefied, bewildered, confounded, amazed, astonished; wandering, straying; distressed, humbled, depressed (syn. ḥairān; pareshān):—sargardānī, s.f. Stupefaction, confusion, bewilderment, astonishment, amazement; distress:—sar-garm, adj. Inflamed with love; enthusiastic, ardent, zealous, eager, earnest, intent (on); assiduous, diligent, attentive:—sargarm rahnāor honā(-meṅ), To continue or be intent (on), or zealous (in), etc.:—sar-garmī, s.f. Ardour, zeal, enthusiasm, eagerness, earnestness, devotion; love, the being in love; attention, application, diligence, assiduity:—sar-guroh, s.m. Head or chief of the band or troops, etc.; leader, commander; a chief of faqīrs; a provincial:—sar-gashta, adj.=sargardān, q.v.:—sar-gashtagī, s.f.=sar-gardānī, q.v.:—sar-ě-gosh, or sar-gosh, s.m. The ear:—sar-goshī, s.f. Whispering:—sar-māya, s.m. See s.v.:—sar-mast, adj. Very drunk, crop-sick; intoxicated (with lust, or power, etc.):—sarmastī, s.f. Intoxication:—sar-mashq, s.f. A copy (for writing), copy-lines:—sar-ě-mū, s.m. The point of a hair, a hair's breadth:—sarnāma, s.m. Titles at the beginning of a letter (given to the person to whom it is addressed); address, superscription, direction of a letter;—a heading:—sar-nāma likhnā, To write the address of a letter, to direct a letter:—sar-nigūn, adj. & adv. Hanging down the head, abashed, ashamed; downcast, dejected; depressed; mean, abject, vile;—backward, inverted; prone; headdownwards; upside-down, topsy-turvy:—sar-ě-nau, s.m. Recommencement new commencement or date; renewal;—sar-ě-nau, or sar-ě-nau-se, or az sar-ě-nau, adv. Anew, afresh, de novo:—sar-navisht, s.f. lit.'Written on the forehead'; destiny, fate, lot, fortune:—sar-o-pā, adj. & s.m. 'Head and feet'; all, the whole;—an honorary vest or dress (syn. ḵẖil`at):—sar-o-tan, s.m. A festival on the twentieth of the month ṣafar, q.v.:—sarwar, s.m. See s.v.:—sar-o-sāmān, s.m. Apparatus, necessaries, requisites, effects, goods and chattels, bed and bedding, etc. (see asbāband sāmān):—sar-o-kār, s.m. Business, intercourse:—sar-hang, adj. & s.m. See s.v.
Origin: Persian

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