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राज rāja, vulg. rāj (fr. राजन् ; cf. rājā), s.m. (used in comp.) King, prince, sovereign, chief, master; any principal object, anything the best, or the largest, of its kind;—a mastermason, mason, builder, bricklayer:—rājābhishek (˚ja+abh˚), vulg. rāj-abhishek, s.m. Consecration or coronation of a king, royal inauguration or installation (syn. rāj-tilak);—rājājnā, vulg. rājāggyā(˚ja+āj˚), s.f. King's edict, royal decree or command, mandate, ordinance:—rājādhirāj, vulg. rājadhirāj (˚ja+adh˚), s.m. King of kings, supreme ruler of princes, paramount sovereign, emperor, mighty potentate:—rājādḥikār, vulg. rājadhikār (˚ja+adh˚), s.m. Paramount power; royal prerogative:—rājādhikārī, vulg. rājadhikārī, s.m. (f. -inī), 'Royal official'; one who holds sway, regent, governor, ruler, king:—rājāvart (˚ja+āv˚), s.m. A kind of diamond or other gem (=rāj-paṭṭ, q.v.):—rājāwalior rājāwalī, vulg. rājā`olī(˚ja+āv˚), s.f. Line of kings, royal dynasty or genealogy, royal house (=rāj-vaṅśor rāj-baṅs):—rāj-basīṭ, s.m.=rāj-dūt, q.v.:—rāj-baṅs, rāj-baṅś, s.m.=rāj-vaṅś, q.v.:—rāj-baṅsī, adj. & s.m.=raj-vaṅśī, q.v.:—rāj-bahā, vulg. raj-bahā, s.m. Principal channel, main distributory, the principal or common branch (of a canal, etc.):—rāj-bhanḍār, s.m. Royal storehouse; public warehouse; royal exchequer, public treasury; royal kitchen:—rāj-bhavan, rājbhūwan, s.m.=rāj-mandir, q.v.:—rāj-bhog, s.m. Food placed before an idol at noon; endowment of a temple:—rāj-bheṭ, s.f. A present made by an inferior on admission to the presence of a great man;—fee paid to a public functionary for permission to reap the harvest:—rāj-baiwasthā, s.f.=rāj-vyavasthā, q.v.:—rāj-pāṭ, s.m. Royal cushion or throne (=rāj-paṭṭ; see also s.v. rāj, 'government'):—rāj-pati, vulg. rāj-pat, s.m. 'Lord of kings,' prince (a Hindūtitle):—rājputr, vulg. rāj-put, s.m.=rāj-pūt, q.v.:—rājpatnī, s.f. King's wife, royal consort, queen:—rāj-path, s.m. King's highway, public road, main road, principal street:—rāj-paṭṭ, s.m. Royal fillet, a tiara; royal cushion, throne; a kind of precious stone, a diamond of inferior quality (said to be brought from Vīrāṭ-deś, in the north-west of India):—rāj-paā, Rank of a king; kingship:—rāj-pad-dhārī, s.m. One who accedes to the position and office of king:—rājpur, s.m. and rāj-purī, s.f.=rāj-dhānī, q.v.:—rāj-pratāp, s.m. Royal power and splendour, kingly dignity, majesty:—rāj-prabandh, s.m. Royal government; royal or public policy; administration:—rāj-pratinidh, s.m. Regent; viceroy:—rāj-pūt (S. rāja-putra), s.m. (f. -nī), lit. 'King's son or descendant'; name of a military tribe of Hindūs (of the second or Kshatriya caste); name of a class of Hindūs who claim descent from the ancient Kshatriyas;—a member of the Rājpūt caste, a Rājpūt:—rāj-pūt-āna, adj. Like, or belonging to, the Rājpūts;—prop. n. A name for the province of Ajmīr, the country of the Rājpūts:—rāj-pūtī, s.f. The essential quality of a Rājpūt, courage, prowess in war:—rāj-phoṛa, s.m. The king's evil (?); a kind of carbuncle or large boil (which generally rises at the back of the neck and commonly proves fatal):—rāj-tilak, s.m. The mark placed on the forehead of a royal personage on the occasion of coronation; coronation, installation (cf. rājābhishek); a mark put on the forehead of a royal personage by his vassals:—rāj-tejas, s.m. Royal splendour or dignity, majesty:—rāj-ṭīkā, s.f.=rāj-tilak, q.v.:—rāj-ćakr, s.m. The discus of Krishna;—fear or perplexity occasioned by a monarch:—rāja-ćinh, s.m. The insignia of royalty:—rāj-dār, s.f. King's wife, royal consort:—rāj-datt, adj. (f. -ā), Given or allowed by the king or by Government:—rājdatt-bhūmi, s.f. An allowance of land by the king or by Government:—rāj-darbār, s.m. Royal audience, court, levée:—rāj-darśan, s.m. The act of seeing, or appearing before, a king, a royal audience, royal levée:—rāj-darśan-śālā, s.f. The royal hall of audience, presence chamber:—rāj-droh, s.m. 'The act of injuring a king.' high treason, rebellion;—tyranny:—rājdrohī, adj. & s.m. Rebellious, disloyal;—`kinginjurer,' traitor, rebel:—rāj-dulār, s.m, (f. -ī), 'King's darling,' a prince:—rāj-dulārī, s.f. A princess:—rāj-danḍ, s.m. King's sceptre, royal sceptre; kingly authority; punishment inflicted by order of a king; tax or fine payable to royalty:—rāj-danḍāpaharan (-danḍa+apa˚), s.m. 'Seizure of property in execution of a royal or of a legal decree,' confiscation:—rāj-dwār, s.m. The king's gate, gate of a royal palace, palace-gate, royal entrance:—rāj-dūt, s.m. (f. -i, -in, -nī, or -ī), A king's ambassador:—rāj-dhām, s.m.=rāj-dhānī, q.v.:—rāj-dhānor rāj-dhānī, s.f. King's residence, a palace; royal city, seat of government, capital, metropolis:—rāj-dhurā, 'The king's yoke,' the burden of government, kingly responsibility, royal functions:—rājdharm, vulg. rāj-dharam, s.m. A king's duty; the duties of a sovereign, the functions or obligations of government;—duties of the military caste:—rāj-dhan, s.m. Royal revenue or right to property; public property:—rāj-ḍanḍ, s.m.=rāj-danḍ, q.v.:—rāja-rāj, rāj-rāj, s.m.=rājādhi-rāj, q.v.:—rāj-ṛāṇī, s.f. Queenconsort, royal spouse;—an epithet of the goddess Kālī:—rāj arshi (rāja+r̤ishi), s.m. A royal Rishi or saint; Rishi of royal descent; that holy and superhuman personage which a king or man of the military class may become by the performance of great austerities:—rāj-rog, s.m. A mortal disease; consumption; (fig.) any great affliction or evil (as a long-pending law-suit, etc.); a mania of any kind (as for building, etc.):—rāj-sabhā, s.f. A royal assembly or court; an assemblage of princes; an assembly in which the king is present, royal council; king's privy council; parliament:—rāj-sattā, s.f. Royal dignity, majesty:—rāja-sthān, vulg. rāj-asthān, s.m. King's palace, etc. (=rāj-mandir, or rājdhānī);—prop. n. Another name for the province of Rājpūtāna:—rāj-sarp, s.m. 'Monster-serpent'; the boa:—rājsiṅhāsanor rāj-siṅghāsan, s.m. Royal throne:—rāj-sūya, vulg. rāj-sū, s.m. A great sacrifice or religious ceremony performed at the coronation of a supreme sovereign or universal monarch by the king himself and his tributary princes:—rāja-sva, s.m. Royal possessions: royal revenue, tribute, tax:—rāj-sewā, s.f. King's service, royal service:—rāj-sevak, s.m. Attendant on a royal personage, a king's servant; a courtier:—rāj-śāsan, s.m. Royal edict, decree, mandate; king's sway:—rāj-śāhī, s.f. Royal status, kingship, royalty:—rāj-kā, adj. (f. -ī), Royal, national, public:—rāj-kāj, rāj-kārva, s.m. King's business, royal duties, state affairs, functions of government, public administration:—rāj-kar, corr. rāj-kār, s.m. Tax paid to royalty, king's taxes, royal tribute, revenue:—rāj-kaseru, s.m. The fragrant grass Cyperus rotundus; the root of Cyperus pertenius:—rāj-kul, s.m. King's family, royal family, royal race or dynasty; king's court; court of justice;—(f. -ā), a king's son, a prince:—rājkumār, vulg. rāj-kumbar, rāj-kuṅ`ar, rājkuṅwar, rāj-kuwar, s.m. A king's son, a prince:—rāj-kumārī, and rāj-kanyā, s.f. King's daughter, princess:—rāj-kavi, s.m. Poet laureate (syn. maliku`sh-shu`arā):—rāj-gādī, rāj-gaddī, s.f. Royal cushion or seat, king's throne, royal throne (=rāj-siṅghāsan):—rāj-guru, s.m. Royal counsellor, spiritual preceptor of a king, or prince, or chief:—rāja-grih, s.m. King's house, royal dwelling, palace:—rāj-grīva, s.m. A species of flat fresh-water fish:—rāj-ghāt, s.m. Regicide:—rāj-ghātī, rāja-gha, rāja-ghna, s.m. King-killer, a regicide:—rāj-gīrā, s.m. The plant Amaranthus polygamus:—rāj-gīrī, s.f. Masterly work, workmanship; mason's work, masonry:—rāj-lakshmī, s.f. Good fortune or glory of a king;—a royal welcome:—rājlakshaṇ, vulg. rāj-laććhan, s.m. Royal sign or token, any mark (on the body, etc.) indicating a future king; marks of royalty; royal insignia, regalia:—rāj-lekh, s.m. Royal letter or edict:—rāj-mārg, s.m.=rāj-path, q.v.:—rāj-maḥal, s.f. Royal residence, palace, royal apartment:—rājmudrā, s.f. Royal signet or seal, privy seal:—rāj-marāl, s.m. (f. -ī), A very beautiful swan:—rāj-mistrī, s.m. Master-mason, head bricklayer:—rāj-mukuṭ, s.m. Royal crown or diadem:—rāj-mantrī, s.m. Minister or counsellor of state, prime-minister, chancellor, privy counsellor:—rāj-mantrī-sabhā, s.f. Senate, cabinet council, privy council;—rāj-mandir, rājmandil, s.m. Palace of a king, royal mansion or residence:—rāj-nay, s.m.=rāj-nīti or nīt, s.f. Royal conduct or policy, administration of government, regal polity, princely duties; science of government; statesmanship; politics;—code of law, jurisprudence:—rāj-nīl, s.m. An emerald:—rāj-wāṛā, s.m. Country of rājās, royal domains; a kingdom (cf. rajwāṛā):—rāja-vat, adj. & adv. Like a king, kingly, royal, princely:—rāj-var, s.m. Excellent king, chief king:—rāj-vaṅś, s.m. Family of kings, royal race or family, dynasty:—rāj-vaṅśi (f. -inī), rāj-vaṅśīya, (f. -ā), rāj-vaṅśya (f. -ā), adj. & s.m. Belonging to a royal family, of regal race or descent;—offspringof royalty; a tribe of Rājpūts:—rāj-vījī, adj. & s.m. (f. -inī), Of royal seed, sprung from a royal race; a royal personage:—rāj-vaidya, s.m. King's physician:—rāj-vīr, s.m. Prince of heroes; an epithet of any man of superior bravery:—rājvyavasthā, s.f. Royal institute or order, mandate, edict, decree; royal administration (=rāj-prabandh):—rāja-hā, rāja-han, s.m. A regicide (=rāj-ghātī):—rāj-hāsak, s.m. A species of fish, Cyprinus catla or Niloticus):—rāj-haṅs, rāj-hāṅs, s.m. A goose; a white goose with red legs and bill, the flamingo:—rāj-haṭ, s.f. 'King's perverseness'; despotic power, absolute government, despotism, tyranny:—rāj-yudhvā, s.m. One who makes war against a king, rebel, mutineer, traitor:—rājeśvar (˚ja+īś), s.m. King of kings, supreme sovereign; sovereign, prince, governor:—rājendra (˚ja+in˚), s.m. Lord of Kings, king of kings, supreme sovereign, emperor; powerful king:—rāj-yogya, adj. Befitting a king, suitable for royalty; kingly, princely, royal.

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