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dam [v.n. fr. dam-īdan, rt. Zend dam = S. धम् ˚], s.m. Breath, vital air, life;—a moment, an instant;—breath or blast (of a furnace or oven); a puff, whiff, pull, draw (of a ḥuqqa); a draught (of water); stewing or simmering over a slow fire;—spring, elasticity; vitality, energy, vigour, stamina, spirit, mettle; strength, goodness, virtue (as of medicines, cloth, etc.);—ambition;—cheerfulness, pleasure, recreation; society (as a breathing together);—edge (of a sword); point (of a spear):—dam-ā-dam, adj. & adv. Continual;—continually, etc. (=dam-badam, q.v.):—dam ulaṭnā, v.n. To gasp or draw in the breath (as one who has had a severe fall, or is dying); to be suffocated or choked; to breathe one's last;—to be confounded, be confused:—dam-ě-bāz-pasīn, s.m. The last breath:—dam-bāṅdhnā, To be breathless in attention, to be very attentive:—dam ba-ḵẖẉud, adj. Struck dumb, confounded, aghast; silent:—dam-ba-dam, adv. 'Breath by breath,' every moment, continually, constantly, perpetually, incessantly, successively, repeatedly:—dam baṛhānā, To make (oneself) long-winded; to practise holding the breath:—dam-band, s.m. An alembic:—dam band karnā(-kisī-kā), To silence:—dam band honā, v.n. To hold the breath; to be silenced, be unable to answer or say anything:—dam-bhar-ko, adv. For a moment:—dam-bhar-meṅ, adv. In a moment, in an instant:—dam bharnā, v.n. To speak, say a word, to say bo to a goose; to stir;—to speak (of, -kā), to sing the praises (of), to laud; to boast (of); to believe (in, -kā), to profess;—dam bharnāor bhar-jānā, v.n. To be, or get, out of breath, to be exhausted:—dam-puḵẖt, s.m. Simmering, cooking in steam; a stew or soup cooked in a pot the mouth of which is fast closed with paste, etc., in order to keep in the essence of the meat:—dam phūlnā, v.n. To breathe short, to become breathless:—dam phūṅknā(-meṅ), To breathe (into), to inspire:—dam toṛnāor toṛ-rahnā, v.n. To be in the death agony:—dam ṭūṭnā, v.n. To be unable to hold one's breath; to be out of breath; to be dying:—dam jagnā, v.n. To speak, talk:—dam ćurānā, To hold the breath, to feign fainting or death;—to skulk (from, -se), to shirk (=jīćhipānā, q.v.):—dam ćaṛhnāor ćaṛh-jānā, v.n. To be out of breath, to heave, to pant:—dam-ćuṛā, s.m. A kind of firework that burns at intervals:—dam ćhoṛnā, To breathe out or forth, to breathe one's last, to expire:—dam-kham, s.m. Edge or temper (of a blade);—stamina, vigour:—dam-dār, adj. Long-winded; continuing long; long-lived; elastic;—sharpedged, well-tempered:—dam denāor de-denā, To give up one's life, to die; to die (for, -par, -pe), be madly in love (with); to impart temper (to, -ko, steel), to temper (steel);—to let (a thing in a pot) simmer or stew over a slow fire:—dam-raftan, s.m. Expiring:—dam ruknā, v.n. To be suffocated; to breathe short or with difficulty:—dam rakhnā, To hold one's peace, to be content with a little:—dam roknā(-kā), To choke, suffocate, throttle:—dam zadan, s.m. Keeping silence; hesitating; pretending or making a claim:—dam-zanī, s.f. Keeping silence; hesitation:—dam sādhnāor sādh-jānā, v.n. To stop or hold the breath (as a religious exercise, as some faqīrs do for hours together; or feigning death; or in diving, swimming, etc.):—dam-sāz, adj. & s.m.f. Agreeing (with, -se), concordant, consenting, harmonious, intimate, familiar; singing or reciting together;—a friend, an intimate, companion, consort; (in Mus.) an accompaniment:—damsāzī, s.f. Intimacy, confidence; concord, harmony:—dam-ě-sard, s.m. A cold sigh, a sigh of despair:—dam-ě-shamsher, s.m. Edge of a sword:—dam-t̤amānćā, s.m. A short sword;—a pistol:—dam-qadam, s.m. Breath and moving power, life and motion; existence; health and strength:—dam karnā(-par), To blow (as a fire); to blow, breathe, pronounce, repeat (an incantation, on or over, as a conjurer):—damkash, adj. Drawing in the breath; silent; breathing; gasping:—dam-kashī, s.f. Drawing in the breath; silence:—dam-ko lekar baiṭhrahnā, v.n. To hold one's breath and be still; to remain silent; to be confounded or perplexed:—dam khānā(-kā), To persecute, worry, annoy, tease;—dam khānā, or khā-jānā, or khā-rahnā, v.n. To remain silent, be silent; be crest-fallen; to bear patiently, to be patient; to be dressed over a slow fire (a stew, etc.):—dam khaiṅćnā, 'To draw in the breath,' to remain quiet or silent, hold one's peace;—to take a pull (at the ḥuqqa), to have a smoke:—dam-ke dam-meṅ, adv. In a moment, in a twinkling:—dam ghuṭnā, v.n. To be suffocated, be choked:—dam lagānā(-kā), To have a pull (at the ḥuqqa), to smoke (the ḥuqqa):—dam lagnāor lag-jānā(-kā), To be desirous (of);—to be affected by the fumes (of);—to have a smoke:—dam lenā(-se), To take breath; to rest (from):—dam mārnā, To utter a word, breathe a syllable, to speak; to boast (of, -kā), etc. (=dam bharnā, q.v.):—dammeṅdam ānāor ā-jānā(-ke, or mere), To recover one's breath, to revive; to recover from a faint, etc.), to recover one's senses; to regain calmness or composure, etc.:—dam-meṅdam rahnāor honā, Life to remain, to draw breath, to breathe, to exist:—dam-ě-naqd, adj. & adv. Ready (as dinner, etc.); single, sole; alone, by oneself:—dam nāk-meṅ ānāor ā-jānā, or nākmeṅdam ānāor ā-jānā, To be greatly distressed; to be tired or worried to death; to be at the last gasp, to gasp for life:—dam nikalnāor nikal-jānā, v.n. Breath to leave (the body), to breathe one's last, to expire; to die (for, -par), be deeply in love (with):—dam honā, v.n. To be stewed or simmered over a slow fire, to be left on the fire after cooking (a stew, etc.).
Origin: Persian

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